Firecut Hair Treatment or Velaterapia

A firecut is an interesting and truly extraordinary procedure which despite its name does not mean an actual haircut as one might imagine. It rather involves a special treatment without changing either length or shape of the hair.

The term “Firecut Hair Treatment” has numerous synonyms. In hair salons you may see it also being called VELATERAPIA, VELATERAPIA HAIR TREATMENT, FIRE HAIR TREATMENT. But the essence of the procedure is always the same – giving the hair a healthy look and restoring its structure by using the fire to burn split ends and seal the cuticles.

How Dangerous is Firecut Hair Treatment?

Very often people get scared not because of the procedure itself, but because of the lack of information about it. That is why we will share all the currently available information, so that you can be informed and make a decision whether about to have a that treatment.


Who Needs to Have a Firecut Hair Treatment?

Firecut is mostly popular among women with long hair. The thing is that hair nourishment starts from the roots and becomes reduced at the tips causing dry and fragile hair with split ends, and a wisp-like look. Firecut Hair Treatment is aimed at fixing these problems.

  • Such haircut can help bring dull hair alive and make it healthy.
  • Split ends get sealed, give a neat look and become a non-issue for a very long period of time.
  • Wisp-like hair which was negatively affected by numerous thermal influences, perms, dying etc. in no time transforms into beautiful shining hair.
  • The most important thing is that firecut does not only give hair a healthy strong appearance, but it really does treat the hair from inside.

Firecut Hair Treatment is always done according to a special technique, following several steps and using many special solutions which nourish and enrich hair with vitamins.


Firecut: a Positive Effect of Firecut Hair Treatment

What a surprise it will be when after the fire treatment you will look into a mirror and realize that:

  • All split ends are gone! The hair has a neat and beautiful appearance from the roots to the tips and every single hair is smooth and even.
  • Now you have both lightness feeling and actual volume as well as thickness of the hair (each hair is now perfectly sealed and therefore it has truly become thicker)
  • Hair shines and has a healthy look. Firecut can be considered an alternative to hair lamination, however it is recommended to have a complex treatment of both firecut and lamination to achieve maximum results.
  • Your hair no longer has “static electricity” effect going all directions and catching on to different objects.
  • Although you won’t notice it in the mirror, but you can rest assured that your hair is saturated with so necessary aminoacids, vitamins and proteins.





11908163_10203620752438302_340052321_nFirecut: Process of Firecut Hair Treatment

Preparation for Firecut

First hair has to be prepared for this serious procedure. Your hair should be washed with a special shampoo containing a lot of useful nutritional elements. Shampooing is then followed by mask and special serum which is being evenly spread all over the hair. Wait 10-15 minutes waiting for it to be enough absorbed by hair, after which the hair gets another wash.

The final preparation step is applying a special spray the main component of which is protein and wheat extract. These very ingredients fortified with essential oils and vitamins allow to achieve a stunning effect from the procedure and protect hair during fire treatment.


Protecting the Hair

After the preparation,the master starts applying special solutions to protect the hair from catching fire. Thefire will be moving horizontally across the strand, that is why hair won’t shorten and risk of catching fire is eliminated.


Burning the Hair

When all the preparation is done it is time to start burning the hair. For maximum comfort the client takes a seat in a comfortable chair in front of a mirror (too bad a mirror is not always used because a firecut is a very spectacular show quite worth seeing!). The master is standing behind the client with a fire in one hand and a non-flammable comb in the other one.

11911434_10203620756878413_791956527_nNow the master takes one strand, pulls it from the roots to the tips and separates it from the rest of the hair and moves the flamed swab barely touching the hair.

Depend on hair length and thickness, master’s hands would be working on your hair for 20-25 minutes. This time will be sufficient to tame the stubborn split hair and give your head a celebrity-like appearance.


Cleansing and Styling the Hair

After all the strands have been worked through and there are no more stubborn hairs left which would be ruining a stunning neat hairstyle picture, it is time for the renewed hair to get rid of all the excess. A special mixture is being applied to the hair, then it gets dry by means of a towel in order to remove all the dead, dry cuticle cells. All the excess is being removed from the hair. Now the master will style and smooth your hair bringing the process to its logical end.

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