I am Marina Boukin – a master stylist and colorist, art director and the owner of the salon Caprice. I have dedicated more than 20 years of my life to hairdressing, hairstyling and image-making, so I am rightfully considered an expert in this area.

I admit that men have been unjustly overlooked by me with lack of attention and professional care. In fact, in the salon, I also love working with male clients. Sometimes magical things happen. A well-chosen and expertly executed fashionable hairstyle can transform a person and radically change his self-esteem and self-image. Many people mistakenly underestimate the tremendous influence of fashion trends on the perception of men’s beauty and the image of modern men in general. Hairstyles can tell a lot about a person, about his character, outlook, flexibility of mind, aesthetic views, as well as the degree of self-respect and self-value. I really feel offended when a good looking and well-groomed man is considered a freak. It only speaks about the ignorance of some people. You don’t have to be a freak to take a good care of yourself and look nice and stylish! I know a lot of men that are everything but freaks, who have a good taste, a sense of style and the need to look good. If not able to do it themselves, many of them leave that job of creating a good image and style to their significant others or qualified stylists. I hope that men will appreciate my efforts, and women will be able to apply this knowledge to improve the image of their loved ones.

This year, men’s fashion is changing rapidly. You’ve probably already noticed a huge number of men with a cropped haircut and long bangs, or long beards on the streets of our city. Looking at them, I remember the notorious phrase, “Kitsch is tenacious!”. Fortunately, this is not the only hairstyle this year! 30’s fashion has had a significant impact on the modern man’s image.

pod-fritca-2“Fritz style” holds the first place in popularity this year. This style boomed in the 1980’s after the musical “Cabaret” with Liza Minnelli. Once again, this elegant and neat haircut produces a real sensation. Universal and suitable for any occasion, it is equally well-suited for some tattooed guys in torn jeans and a gentleman in a business suit. The main feature of the “Fritz style” haircut is thе truncated nape and temples and longer hair above the ear line. It is important that hair at the temples and nape is of the same length. This hairstyle is also characterized by moderately long bangs, which usually combed neatly to one side or smoothed towards the back. Hair gel is perfect for fixing such a hairstyle. This stylish men’s haircut is very popular among celebrities, but it looks equally good, stylish, modern and pretty cool on any other individual!

Mens Trendy Haircut«Undercut» is a punk style haircut. It is characterized by short-shaved temples and rather long hair on the crown. Unlike the more aggressive mohawk style, this one has nice waves or smoothed crown, fixed with hair gel. It is a bit like the previous haircut, but is mostly distinguished by its rebellious look.

Mens Trendy Haircut“Canadian” wins the third place in the race of relevance. It’s classic and one of the most popular hairstyles that will probably never go out of fashion. It is characterized by smooth transition of length from the shorter temples and nape to the longer crown. Bangs are of medium length and the ears are open. The hair is smoothed to the back, allowing for a little mess, or can be neatly combed to one side. And if the previous two hairstyles are more suitable for obedient hair, the “Canadian” is ideal for curly or soft hair.
Besides, it is suitable for any face shape  and dress style. You will certainly be interested to know why it is called “Canadian”. In fact, it comes from Canada. Back in the 1970’s during the Soviet era, the Canadian hockey team came to Russia for a hockey game. Many Canadian hockey players had a similar haircut, and Russian athletes and other people of the Soviet Union took it over. Today, “Canadian” men’s haircut  is one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles for men of all ages. It fits perfectly into the image of the modern dandy: simple but elegant and refined, with pretensions to aristocracy. It is worn by Hollywood stars, pop singers and famous athletes alike.

Short sporty haircuts are restrained and neat. The basis for it is the classic butch haircut. It can also be customized with various patterns. Using a variety of styling products, you can achieve different effects and combine this haircut with any dress style. It creates a strong brutal look. Masculinity is always in fashion.

Mens Trendy HaircutOf course, short haircuts are more practical, but long hair is also quite popular. This is the style of a romantic hero or a daring pirate – the choice is yours. The most current version is a long bob with internal grading to give volume. Thin sparse hair is not suitable for this hairstyle. Thick straight hair looks very stylish in a tight ponytail and goes well with a classic suit. A fashionable piece of modern long hairstyles is bangs. Heavy and straight  bangs nicely complement short hairstyles, giving a touch of personality to the image while asymmetrical fringes are good for hairstyles of any length.

Fashionable men’s hairstyles are not only about the length and styling, but also the color. Dyeing is quite acceptable for men’s hairstyles. However, the color should be as close to the natural one as possible, so pay closer attention to techniques such as toning. Thin and faint highlights, shading the main color of the hair should appear as a result of toning. The color range of toning has nothing to do with that of regular highlights or aggressive bleaching of hair. Natural shades of sun-bleached strands, as well as chocolate or dark honey colors form the basic color palette of the season.

The image of the modern man is inextricably linked to the concept of “neatness”. After all, a well-groomed man is the dream of any woman. Dear men, love yourself. Allow yourself to be beautiful, stylish and masculine.

Live your life to the fullest and be healthy.
I am always happy to meet you!
Marina Boukin.

A firecut is an interesting and truly extraordinary procedure which despite its name does not mean an actual haircut as one might imagine. It rather involves a special treatment without changing either the length or shape of the hair.

The term “Firecut Hair Treatment” has numerous synonyms. In hair salons you may see it also being called VELATERAPIA, VELATERAPIA HAIR TREATMENT, FIRE HAIR TREATMENT. But the essence of the procedure is always the same – giving the hair a healthy look and restoring its structure by using the fire to burn split ends and seal the cuticles.

How Dangerous is Firecut Hair Treatment?

Very often people get scared not because of the procedure itself, but because of the lack of information about it. That is why we will share all the currently available information, so that you can be informed and make a decision whether about to have a that treatment.


Who Needs to Have a Firecut Hair Treatment?

Firecut is mostly popular among women with long hair. The thing is that hair nourishment starts from the roots and becomes reduced at the tips causing dry and fragile hair with split ends, and a wisp-like look. Firecut Hair Treatment is aimed at fixing these problems.

  • Such haircut can help bring dull hair alive and make it healthy.
  • Split ends get sealed, give a neat look and become a non-issue for a very long period of time.
  • Wisp-like hair which was negatively affected by numerous thermal influences, perms, dying etc. in no time transforms into beautiful shining hair.
  • The most important thing is that firecut does not only give hair a healthy strong appearance, but it really does treat the hair from inside.

Firecut Hair Treatment is always done according to a special technique, following several steps and using many special solutions which nourish and enrich hair with vitamins.


Firecut: a Positive Effect of Firecut Hair Treatment

What a surprise it will be when after the fire treatment you will look into a mirror and realize that:

  • All split ends are gone! The hair has a neat and beautiful appearance from the roots to the tips and every single hair is smooth and even.
  • Now you have both lightness feeling and actual volume as well as thickness of the hair (each hair is now perfectly sealed and therefore it has truly become thicker)
  • Hair shines and has a healthy look. Firecut can be considered an alternative to hair lamination, however it is recommended to have a complex treatment of both firecut and lamination to achieve maximum results.
  • Your hair no longer has “static electricity” effect going all directions and catching on to different objects.
  • Although you won’t notice it in the mirror, but you can rest assured that your hair is saturated with so necessary aminoacids, vitamins and proteins.





11908163_10203620752438302_340052321_nFirecut: Process of Firecut Hair Treatment

Preparation for Firecut

First hair has to be prepared for this serious procedure. Your hair should be washed with a special shampoo containing a lot of useful nutritional elements. Shampooing is then followed by mask and special serum which is being evenly spread all over the hair. Wait 10-15 minutes waiting for it to be enough absorbed by hair, after which the hair gets another wash.

The final preparation step is applying a special spray the main component of which is protein and wheat extract. These very ingredients fortified with essential oils and vitamins allow to achieve a stunning effect from the procedure and protect hair during fire treatment.


Protecting the Hair

After the preparation,the master starts applying special solutions to protect the hair from catching fire. Thefire will be moving horizontally across the strand, that is why hair won’t shorten and risk of catching fire is eliminated.


Burning the Hair

When all the preparation is done it is time to start burning the hair. For maximum comfort the client takes a seat in a comfortable chair in front of a mirror (too bad a mirror is not always used because a firecut is a very spectacular show quite worth seeing!). The master is standing behind the client with a fire in one hand and a non-flammable comb in the other one.

11911434_10203620756878413_791956527_nNow the master takes one strand, pulls it from the roots to the tips and separates it from the rest of the hair and moves the flamed swab barely touching the hair.

Depend on hair length and thickness, master’s hands would be working on your hair for 20-25 minutes. This time will be sufficient to tame the stubborn split hair and give your head a celebrity-like appearance.


Cleansing and Styling the Hair

After all the strands have been worked through and there are no more stubborn hairs left which would be ruining a stunning neat hairstyle picture, it is time for the renewed hair to get rid of all the excess. A special mixture is being applied to the hair, then it gets dry by means of a towel in order to remove all the dead, dry cuticle cells. All the excess is being removed from the hair. Now the master will style and smooth your hair bringing the process to its logical end.

Hi everyone, I am Marina Boukin, master stylist, master colorist, art director and the owner of the hairdressing salon Caprice. I have dedicated more than 20 years to the unique art of hairdressing, styling, image-making and well deserved the status of an expert in this field. Today, I am going to help you find out what colors are considered fashionable in this season.

The basis of any style is its color solution!

Indeed, the fall is the most colorful time of the year. It inspires colorists, impressing them with diversity of natural palettes. Not without a reason we say that the autumn basic color is gold. In this season the warm hues receive the honor of a triumph, visually and emotionally pushing back the approaching cold season.
ombreHair color become very delicious: honey, caramel, bitter chocolate and milk, coffee, latte and hazel. Even blondes are turning strawberry, peach, cream, champagne. It’s hard to wait to mix all these colors in a cocktail! As this is exactly, what the specialists have been offering to us by creating complex multi-layered colors. maxresdefault_goldWhen mixing together multiple strands of different colors, we get an amazing glowing look striking our imagination with its beauty. Sometimes these different hues are so close to each other, that they create illusion of a single and very saturated color. Such ideas will be to the liking of classic look supporters and representatives of “strict” professions, who prefer to stick to discreet styles, but at the same time want to allow themselves look fashionable and not boring. This effect can be achieved with the help of the latest glare staining technique, color through the color, 3D, and panel staining.

ombre_hairA growing number of followers prefer degrade coloring (ombre hair), which smoothly eliminates the color from dark roots to light ends. The favorite style of Californian beaches and Hollywood stars becomes also very comfortable for everyday use in our busy life. This is the effect you adore while looking at the hair of your favorite stars: Drew Barrymore, Jessica Bale, Sandra Bullock, Selma Blair, Hilary Duff, and many others. To create the hair which looks as if it were bleached by the sun, the colorists use various techniques and create a variety of nuances, i.e. ombre, shatush, balayage, Californian highlights, etc. They allow to create soft iridescence of the natural colors as well as bright, contrasting combinations of any tonalities. 
Jennifer-Aniston2And for those of us, who cannot make a preference between the light and dark hair coloring palettes, I recommend the mixture of both, also known as brond hair, which is a combination of light and dark strands, so smooth, that it is impossible to determine, whether a girl, is a blonde or brunette. Jennifer Aniston demonstrates one of the most favorable brond styles in this season, as well as Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and others. All these styles are quite versatile and can decorate any lover of natural and lifelike colors, to add impression of extra volume and shine to your hair. The main thing trick here is to pick the correct colors, perfect for your personality.

Those who are looking for something extraordinary in this season, may get inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, who demonstrate the reverse ombre. This can be achieved by adding darker tips to the light color hair. All of these modern techniques are complex and quite difficult to work with. They require colorist’s professional knowledge, experience and good taste.

IMG_20080120_0995_1A spirit of the season is expressed perfectly in one of the songs of a Russian pop singer Alla Pugatchyova: “Autumn, redhead girlfriend!..”. You may choose any color from copper to gold and scarlet in any combination on the scale and you will always be in the spotlight. And for good reason! After all, this color can only worn by bold, determined women, who are not afraid to show their sparkling personalities. From the other side, those who do not dare to break out and fire up in full, can always gleam with few reddish locks or glare.

Kelly_Osbourne_lavander_hairSH_LENA_3200_sFor blondes, very relevant in this season would be regrown roots effect created by adding a deeper shades to the basal part of the hair. Super fashionable palette for the blonds are beige-pink tones turning into pure soft pink. In addition, these colors can look very impressive if combined with the steel shades. Kelly Osbourne sets the tone for bold rebellious natures with blond hair, who prefer sophisticated blonde, consisting of a mixture of gray, blue and lavender shades.

ALLA_For the lovers of bright colors there is an opportunity to express themselves in punk rock styles of 90s by adding to the hair few strands acid green, hot pink, or violet colors. This is a great chance to protest against monotony and boredom of everyday life. Or, if following Katy Perry, to go for extreme makeover and take everybody by surprise firing out your controversial and hasty temper.

Today’s fashion offers to us unlimited opportunities for self-expression. You can be calm and restrained classic lady, fiery and passionate vamp woman, sweet, sexy and unpredictable and daring or reckless blonde rainbow girl. The main condition for changing your look is to select a correct color which would complement you, blend in with the color of your eyes and your skin tone. The whole look should emphasize your uniqueness and show your personality or one of the personalities of yours, which you feel like freeing at this particular moment.

And please remember: regardless of what color you prefer, my best advice would be to keep your hair healthy shine and silky. To do all of this, you would definitely need a helping hand of a highly professional hairdresser.

Please feel free to call us on 416-661-6327 and sign up for a free consultation.
Be healthy and live your life to the fullest!

Looking forward to meeting you,
Marina BOUKIN.

Hi everyone! I am Marina Boukin, Master Stylist, Master Colorist, Art Director, and the owner of Salon Caprice.

For over 20 years now, I have been dedicating my life to the art of hairdressing, styling and image-making.  I am rightly considered an expert in this area for the constant learning of new hairdressing techniques introduced by the leading beauty schools worldwide; for exploring the chemistry of dyes, hair anatomy, and the history of arts; for gathering the world’s most advanced hair treatment technologies, designing my own hairstyles and coloring methods; for participating in competitions, high-end fashion shows; for building my own hairdo collections, sharing experiences with leaders in the profession, teaching young and experienced hairdressers, publishing the results of my work in beauty periodicals and on the web, for attending the most popular professional exhibitions and events, and of course for working with clients in my salon Caprice and giving all my heart and soul to beloved work. I want to share with you my knowledge and my passion for the art of hairdressing.

I will be your guide in the fascinating world of fashion styles, modern cuts, colours, shiny shades, healthy radiant curls, glamour, charm, and chic.  Let me show you the world ruled by its majesty Beauty and help you to deal with a huge flow of information, which falls on us from various sources, and highlight the most important, useful and fun trends that will lead you to discovery of your personal perfect style.

Fashion is a mysterious and alluring phenomenon.
How to keep up with it and not to fall into slavery?

Let’s try to find out. As usual, a fashion sentence is imposed twice a year when the world leaders of the beauty industry offer us their collections for Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter. According to this, we are now at the beginning of a Fall-Winter season of 2013. The new trends and ideas just flew off the world’s catwalks. Each collection represents a complete stylish appearance, which includes such components as clothing, accessories, makeup and hair. Let’s take a closer look at the hair part. Analyzing new collections, created by professional brands for hair stylists,and applying the new ideas within the real life settings, I would love to share some current trends for this season.

As we know, fashion develops in cycles. It demonstrates spiral movements throughout its entire history.  By reviving the styles of the past generations, we break them through the prism of the modern day concepts and, as a result, create something surprisingly new and blended with other styles.  Nowadays, eclecticism, a mixture of styles, runs the show. Sometimes I think that all these trends have been so many times stirred and mixed up,that it becomes impossible to get to the bottom of the original ideas. The styles of the previous century, 20–30s in particular, make a huge impact on today’s world of fashion. This period could be featured as a breakthrough in daily life of women. Short haircuts became popular as a symbol of emancipation and independence. This style is a favorite choice of contemporary, successful, and self-confident women.It involves the convenience and ease of care. A well done basic haircut introduces several styling suggestions for our everyday life and festive occasions.  Choosing this hairstyle speaks for itself: a woman who wears it, has a sense of style.

Fashion is a mysteriousIndisputable standard of this style is a bob haircut (bob). Let’s mention here that bob was a favorite hairstyle of Coco Chanel and Cleopatra. It is still a leading haircut in all its manifestations: bobwith gradient variation; layered-bob, performed with the help of cascading style, i.e.in layers starting from short strands to the long ones; and the straight bob with no layers, performed as a clean-cut line, in other words we call it classic bob. These haircuts symbolize fatal female sexuality. A discreet and laconic icon of a fiery and untamed inner strength. Popularity of bob haircuts is currently on the rise in Hollywood. We can see celebrities giving up their glamorous long curls for provocative boyish short haircuts: Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, and so it goes on.

Also very popular are pixie haircuts, as they radiate enormous charm. This is a short hairstyle with smooth contours, short on the sides and full at the back of the head. Just a couple examples of gracious wearing pixie would be Audrey Tautou and Twiggy. Short hair in the style of tomboy describes rough character of its owner. In front of us either a boyish girl with tousled long jagged bangs, or a tough business woman with slicked hair, nothing inferior to men. Bangs are the basic part of each haircut. Asymmetry always adds an impression of mystical flair to the basic look.

Fashion is a mysterious

Chic of the 20s increasingly pervades our modern life. Having conquered Hollywood, it has became a part of our everyday life. Retro girls find themselves popular at any party, attracting admiring glances not only with their dresses and jewelry, but also with hairstyles, that are a major component of the image. Soft S-shaped curls are currently on the rise. Stylists are getting much more work, recalling long-forgotten art of hairstyling waves. Retro style hair accessories, such as bandages, ribbons, turbans, jewelry with stones, flowers and feathers, once again acquire popularity.

Fashion is a mysterious

For those, who still do not dare to part with their long hair, there is also a suitable idea: as always, braids symbolize girlish beauty. Trend for the braids is returning into the light spot one more time, and we can see various types of braiding styles and techniques on the heads of fashionistas of all ages. Before, we had no idea about such a variety of options for this hairstyle: neat, messy, simple, delicate, multiple strands – imagination is boundless. Braiding became a separate branch in the art of hairdressing. The braid reigns in the full sense of this word in our everyday life as well as in elegant and festive cocktail and wedding hairstyles.

Well, those who are neither impressed by the small heads and the languor of the 20’s, nor by braided romanticism, can rejoice voluminous pinup hairstyles from the ’60s. They will add cheerfulness and frivolousness to your look.

The rebellious nature brought into fashion by punk hairstyles from the 90’s, featuring shaggy heads, piles and Mohawks. Punk style also adopts pigtails and braids, thin tight braids close to the scalp, which create the illusion of shaved temples. Nearly all Hollywood celebrities once in a while get caught red handed wearing punk hairstyles. This style is very suitable for those of you, who are not afraid to show off your sparkling personality.

Clearly, the hair clips are also in fashion now. Therefore, if you have no time or imagination, the hair gathered in a bunch or tight ponytail will look very stylish as well. At worst, you can just create the effect of wet hair. Modern fashion is very diverse and gives us the opportunity to be different, unpredictable, and sometimes even unrecognizable.

I’m sure you are getting inspired to try some of the ideas for yourself.
Feel free to experiment!
Caprice salon stylists will be glad to help you find your unique style.

And the next time I will guide you through the world of color and dyes. Be healthy and live your life to the fullest. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Truly Yours,
Marina Boukin.

Rene Furterer KariteLet’s admit it, we all want our hair to look good and healthy every day. In our attempt to keep those locks looking rich and fabulous, we sometimes end up with damaged hair.

A lot of over-the-counter hair products ranging from shampoos and conditioners to leave-in cream promises to make our hair looking smooth, silky, and photo-shoot-ready. Apart from these hair products, various available hair salon treatments guarantee breathtaking hair. But, by using just about any hair product available in the market and by availing of hair salon services without the sound advice of hair specialists, you might do more damage to your hair than improvement.

If the composition of the hair products you use and the chemicals in the hair salon treatments you avail are inappropriate for your hair type, damaging your hair is highly probable.

Thankfully, here at Caprice Hair Salon in Toronto, our expert hair specialists have the right experience and the suitable solutions, courtesy of Rene Furterer, for your damaged hair.

Treating damaged hair can be pretty complicated. As with any treatment or procedure, reactions and results vary among individuals. Some will respond immediately to the treatment while others will resist and will show results after a certain number of sessions. Even though solving damaged hair is risky, there is one product in the market that our salon trusts for years to repair your dry, damaged hair: the Rene Furterer Karité Complex line.

The Rene Furterer Karité hair products are composed of various plant extracts and essential oils that will treat your dry, damaged hair. Two of its essential ingredients are shea butter and shea oil. Composed of essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E, shea butter has quintessential abilities to nourish and regenerate hair. Meanwhile, shea oil, extracted from shea butter, doubles the power of the Karité line of products because of the higher concentration of the same essential fatty acids. Shea butter and oil together with other plant extracts and active ingredients guarantee to return the smoothness and silkiness of your hair.

Six hair products comprise the Rene Furterer Karité line.


intense-nourishing-oilFirst is the Karité intense nourishing oil, a pre-shampoo treatment.

kartite-nourishing-shampooSecond is the Karité intense nourishing shampoo.

karite-nourishing-mask_1Third is the Karité intense nourishing mask, a conditioning mask that is used once a week for in-depth nourishment of your damaged hair.

rene-furterer-karite-leave-in-nourishing-creamFourth is the Karité leave-in nourishing cream that can be applied to long, dry hair as frequently as possible to make it softer, shinier, and healthier.

karite-serumFifth is the Karité leave-in repairing serum, which can be used to treat damaged hair and protect it against split ends.

karite_nuit_largeLast is the Karité intense overnight treatment (or Karité Nuit Capillaire). Overnight, this leave-in treatment nurtures and repairs your dry, damaged hair. Karité Nuit Capillaire can be used two to three times a week to intensify the nourishing effects of the other Karité hair products.

You need at least 3 products from the line to start treatment:
1. Distribute Intense Nourishing Oil into you hair. Please do not rub oil into the hair. Just spray it over damaged areas or entire hair.
2. Lets it penetrate into your hair (15-30 minutes more than enough).
3. Wash the hair with Karité Intense Nourishing Shampoo twice
4. Apply Karité Intense Nourishing Mask all over the hair and keep it for 5 – 10 if you have time.
5. Use of additional products from the line such as Karité Leave-In Nourishing Cream, Karité Leave-In Repairing Serum or Overnight Treatment definitely in asset.

The Rene Furterer Karité line of products promise to revive the health, smoothness, and silkiness of your dry, damaged hair. With the help of your specialists from our salon here in Toronto, the Karité Complex line of products will end the search for the ultimate solution to your dry, damaged hair.

P.S. Our best result was fixing harshly damaged models hair (bleach killed in another salon) for her next photoshoot just in two weeks with that amazing products.

If you in Toronto just come over our salon to buy those products. You may also order the products online through our webstore.